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hello there

Welcome to my website glad to have you here!

I'm Afraa.

Quick intro for those who would like to know me more.

I'm a mama, wife, student and substance creator, Christ follower, flowers lover and musical passion. expat from South Sudan resident in Europe.

I found my self with dark coffee, smoothes and naturally obsessed with water yes sparkling water, not into citrus but can fret sweets like ants.  

I am just a mommy who is trying to make it easy for her self and exit from day to anther with less life stress.

when and why I decided to start this blog?

before I have the idea of starting a blog writing always has an especial place in my heart, as soon after my daughter  was born and gives our life re joy, I decided to give space to my love to write the idea of sharing my experience with other mothers was the best way to do that, It took me two years to figure out that this mommy's blog is what I have been looking for, and tow month later to bring it to life. 

what about?

its all about women in general and especially mothers as it name mommy's tale and over here I only share content about motherhood, delicious recipes, beauty tips, reviews of the only awesome brand and products.

and more in the near future.

thanks for checking out the  Mommys Tale  I am looking forward to receiving your feedback. 




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 Afraa Fartak

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