130 Boys names with the meaning and origin:

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

A child name is the first gift they receive from their parents. That is why Choosing the name of a new born is sometime kind of hard jop for the parents, because of its important for both the relative and the baby. Below I is a list of 130 baby boys names form , with five different names form each alfapth, and the origin and meaning.

Adam: earth (Hebrew)

Amber: the jewel (Arabic)

Andria: brave man (Greek)

Alexander: helper (Greek)

Alphonse: famous (Spanish and southern Italian)

Benyamin: son of Nimni (Hebrew)

Billy Nickname for William (Franch)

Barnardo: Bear Brave (Italian)

Ben son (Hebrew)

Brain or bryan hight or noble (Irish; Breton)

Charles: strong base (Latin)

Claire bright or clear (Latin)

Chloe: blooming" or "young green shoot (Greek)

Camillo free born noble (Francis)

Carlo: free man (Italian)

Donald: great chief (English)

Daniel God is my judge (Hebrew)

Dixon: Dick's son (English)

David: beloved or friend (Hebrew)

Dominic: belonging to a lord (Latin)

Eli the highest the greatest (Hebrew)

Elias the Lord is God (Hebrew)

Edward: The protector and the happy. English Emanuele: God with us Italian

Edwina : Rich in friendship, or wealthy friend and happy, . English Frank :

Frenchman or free one.latin

Frances : From France or 'free one.' Feminine of Francis Latin.

Felix: happy and lucky Latin

Frederick: "peaceful ruler". English Germanic Gabriel: angel ,hero of God Hebrew

George: farmar Greek

Gustavo: royal staff or staff of the gods". Scandinavian

Gordon: large fortifications English and Gaelic . Grey: grey haired English

Harpar:someone who plays the harp English Harry: estate ruler". German Harrison': don of Henry" or "son of Harry." German

Henry: power, ruler" German

Hedison: humble, a saintly quality.Britain and Ireland.

Irish:descendant America

Imran: exalted nation', 'prosperity' and 'happiness'. Arabic

Ibrahim: "father of many." Hebrew

Ivan: the Russian form of John Russian

Izaac: laughter Dutch

Justin:Just.Righteous. Hebrew Jacob:"supplanter," one who follows. Hebrew James: supplanter," one who follows. Hebrew Julio is: Youthful. Spanish

Jordan: to flow down, descend Hebrew

Kyler: creative American Dutch surname

Kye: Welsh, Scandinavian, Greek, and Gaelic origin,

King: cyning,” or tribal leader:British

Kobe: coby kopi Hungarian

Kevin: Saint Kevin is one of the patron saints of Dublin, after founding a monastery in the seventh century. Ireland

Levi : biblical. Hebrew

Luke: is the author of the third Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles. Hebrew

Leon: like Mufasa from “The Lion King,Greek

Lewis: English

Lionel: lion. Latin

Matthew: bibalic

Marco: mark Latin

Moses :"saviour". Hebrew Mohamed:"praiseworthy". Arabic

Mario: supersuccessful Latin

Noah:biblical. Hebrew

Nikolas:"people of victory". Greek


Nelson : Variant of Neil. British

Nixon :son of Nicholas". British

Omar: In Hebrew it means “speaker”; in Arabic it means “flourishing" Persian.

Olivier:olive tree".Latin.

Octavio:"eighth". Latin.

Osman :"God's protection". Scandinavian.

Otto :wealth" German

Pearson :"rock".Greek

Pace :passover Hebrew

Paulo: small Latin

Penn:enclosure; hill". British

Patricio: "patrician". Latin

Quennel: "small oak". France

Quanah: "fragrant, sweet-smelling".Native American

Qi: enlightenment".Chinese Qadry:"capable".Arabic

Qusay: distant .Arabic

Rex :"king".Latin

Roy :"red Irish Roland :"renowned German Richard: powerful leader German

Ronin :"well-advised ruler German Solomon: peace Hebrew Sergius:

Roman surname Latin

Salvatore: "savior". Latin

Sonny: "son". British

Saul: prayed Hebrew

Sami: meaning: High, exalted arabic

Samir:meaning gust of wind or gentle breeze, arabic

Torin :"chief". Gaelic

Todd :"fox".British

Tyrone :"Owen's county Gaelic

Taj: "crown". Hindi Sanskrit

Turner:"wood-worker". British

Umer : prospering or thriving". Arabic

Uria :"my light is Jehovah".Hebrew

Uziah: the Lord is my strength". Hebrew

Urias:my light is Jehovah". Hebrew

Ulmer: fame of the wolf".British

Verney: alder grove".France

Vinson: son of Vincent". British

Vidal: life-giving". Spanish

Viktor: champion Latin

Verney: alder grove". France

Wilson: son of William". British

West: western stream. British

Wade: able to go river ford".Scandinavian Wakisank: we are still fine. South Sudan

Watson: son of Walter".British

Xu: brilliant rising sun".Chinese

Xeno: foreign voice.Greek

Xun: swift Chinese

Xandros: Hungarian name Sandor Hangarian Xaviell: bright Spanish

Yunis: dove. Hebrew

Yusif: Jehovah increases Hebrew

Yanni is :God is gracious".Hebrew

Yisrael: God contended". Hebrew

Yakov: he who supplants Hebrew

Zaki: chaste, pure Arabic

Zaine: God gracious Hebrew

Zac: Yahweh has remembered. Hebrew.

Zaid: master. Arabic

Zuriel: the Lord my rock. Hebrew

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