quick And Easy healthy sandwiches ideas:

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Sandwich is one of the quick and easy meal to end our hunger, When we are in a hurry, that's why it's important to include healthy ingredients in your family quick meal or sandwich, here is five easy and healthy sandwiches recipe.

1-cheese sandwich:

Cheese is our regular quick breakfast sandwiched but I will tell you how to make it test more delicious.


Tow slices of brown toast

Tow slices cheddar cheese

Three slices of tomato

Tow Peaces of Turkey

How to prepare:

First separate the toast slices, and put the Turkey and cheddar slice on the breads, then follow by the tomato, Enjoy .

2-The Peanut Butter Sandwich:


Tow slices of brown toast

One tablespoon of peanuts butter

One tablespoon of Honey

How to make it:

Spread the peanut butter mixture on both slices of bread, and add the honey on one of the slices and kill the hunger.

3- cheeses and tomato that test like pizza:

Did you ever try the cheeses and tomato microwave sandwiches, it’s delicious.


One piece of bread by your choice

Mozzarella cheeses

Tomato slices

Chill Pepper's

How to get it done: Cut the bread in tow paces, spread the mozzarella cheeses on the bread, add the tomato slices follow by the Pepper sprinkles then put it in the microwave for tow to four minutes maximum, and enjoy.

4-Turkey sandwiches:

This is my favourite cold meat sandwiches has special spice in my Tommy.


One Piece of bagels bread


cheese slides

cucumber slices

Preparation: Cut the bread in tow pieces add the turkey, cheese and cucumbers, now you can enjoy it.

5-Tuna sandwiches:

This is the best, because of the healthy benefits of tuna and the extra delicious test.


one cup of tuna

Three spoons of Mayo

One Piece of Avocado

Slices of lettuce

Chilli pepper


Quetare cup of corn

French bread

How to cook: In one plate add the tuna, salt, mayo, avoid mix all together until it's all mix cut the bread put the lettuce slices the the tuna mixture and chilli pepper the sprinkle the boiled corn, now its ready to eat it.

Sandwiches are quick and easy, but don’t forget to include sub and salads to your family eating habits.

Mommy's Tale
             By Afraa Fartak