Lumene Products Reviews And Wishlist Of The Decade:

Updated: Feb 12

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Even though I only have few friends but there never for get about me and that's the best part about friends ’gifts they're always gives you the chance to try new products or foods and places You could not discover it or try it before, Lumene is the tale of the day, actually since I moved to Finland years ago, my skin has become the subject of experiments, I almost try different skincare brand every two months, definitely looking for what fits my skin better and it wasn't easy healthily and financially until I discover Lumene last year in one of my baby shower gift boxes and that was the happy ending for Sam skincare products search so far, such as cleaners, hand cream and lips glass moisture.

Lumene gel wash for all skin types:

Is the first product I have tried from Lumene and I do love it so much, it worked great for my face, my skin is naturally dry, but my face complexion has changed recently, perhaps due to the hormonal changes that I went through recently, it does work perfectly in refreshing and cleansing the skin really well, especially after I remove the makeup, it doesn't leave the skin dry, maybe because it contains aqua, glycerin and sodium all these ingredients work perfectly in moisturising, plus it's very affordable I love all about this product and I definitely recommend this one.

Lumene Hand Cream:

This one I used five of it until now including the one I received in the gift box from my friend, I couldn't be any happier with it, it gently moisturiser the hands while keeping it non-sticky, because it ingredients include shea butter, flower wax and aqua, It does change my nails look a growth this is what I love most about this product it's great to keep your hand soft and moisture, puls very affordable and I recommend it to all dry hands people.

Skincare Wishlist Of The Decade from Lumene:

Since I had such great experience with the above tow products from Lumene, I think it will be a clever idea to have a look around their website to list everything I wanted to try. now I have a wishlist of “a few” products, let’s say just In case those goods friends of mine decide to get me a gift, then they have an idea of ​​what will make me happier.

I decided to share some of my picks if I could be lucky and choose them all. We can wish and craved over the nice products together.

Lumene Harmonia [BALANCE] Series:

This new skincare Harmonia from Lumene includes seven products that all based on Arctic spring water and Chaga fungus.

I’m just going to include a bit of the description about it from the Lumene website, so you will understand the reason I would love to try it.

NUTRI - RECHARGING PURIFYING PEAT TO FOAM CLEANSER: Well, clean skin is the key in any case, and that just make cleanser the important piece in our daily skincare routine, that why it is clear to make sure your cleaner includes vitamins and natural ingredients and those are the reason I will be glad to try peat to foam cleanser.


The restoring body scrub is an oily substance and as I mentioned before my skin is dry and according to what I read about this harmonia line, as a result, I will get not only clean skin. But moisture, soft and velvety and that all what I need.


Well, I'm a big fan of the mask, not only because it's an important part of every healthy facial skincare, but also for it benefits such as repairing damaged skin.


Because I'm a familiar with the problem of permanently dry tightened skin and after all my reading about the new Harmonia line, I started to believe that this restoring nourishing body lotion is the s

HARMONIA [BALANCE] NUTRI Res Serum - RECHARGING REVITALIZING SERUM: I definitely believe in serum in general, and what if it's a repairing serum that bases on Arctic spring water and Chagas fungus and not oily after all, well definitely wise to try it.


Restoring Intensive Cream:

restore skin balance and prevent the appearance of dryness and peeling plus moisturising and that is all what we're looking for when buying a face cream.

I think this is the length for now but it all sounds gorgeous isn't it, this blog post may be way too long.

If I started telling you about all the cool stuff in their website such as makeup, but for now do let me know if you have tried any of their products and your thoughts on them. and please let me know if you want a review on any of the products on my wishlist, and then I might have to get them, for you guys as you know. 🤗

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