Quick and easy healthy breakfast:

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

An healthy breakfast is the best way to start a day actively, in order to extend body with necessary energy throughout the day. and one of the biggest mistake most of us do is getting out of home without having breakfast, and that will be negatively reflected on daily activities.

Outlined under are numbers of quick beakfast ideas for the whole family.

1- Oatmeal :

Crushed oats contain a type of fibre that helps body to get rid of cholesterol and reduce cholesterol. Also it contains omega 3 and potassium. Different kind of oatmeal is useful for the body. However, it is advised to avoid the local one as it might contain high levels of sugar.

A sweeten oats with honey, or some dried fruit on it, or little of strawberry gam are highly beneficial.

2- Eggs:

Eggs contain high amounts of protein, which is an important ingredient for the construction of cells and muscles. Eggs also contains a high percentage of vitamin D. You can eat two eggs in the morning, either boiled or fried with a little bit of olive oil.

Notally, eggs are one of the most nutritious foods to eat because they don't contain fat.

3- Peanut and almond butter:

Peanut and almond butter contain high proteins and healthy fats; which is good for the heart and blood vessels. Peanut and almond butter also eliminate the body from harmful cholesterol and extends energy to the body.

4- Breakfast cereals:

Breakfast cereals or what is known as Corn Flakes is a good source of fibre, minerals and various vitamins, and most of the kids love it too.!

Mommy's Tale
             By Afraa Fartak