Quick light dinner ideas,for after childbirth diet:

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

Loosing wight or keeping it is almost every woman goal especially after childbirth, and as we know dinner plays a very important part of our diet plan form the mount to the time we eat our dinner, also keep main the important of your dinner ingredients, for the health of you and your child as well, if you do breastfeed, so here is five different diet dinner idea for the mom and also for the whole family.

1.milk: Takeing a cup of milk helps facilitate breastfeeding, then eat a packet of white tuna without oil with a plate of green salad.

2.Yogurt: Eat a cup of low-fat yogurt, follow be a Piece of Quraish cheese with Brown toast slice, and a dish of green salad.

3.Yogurt and fruit: Tow cups of low-fat yogurt and five types of fruits, such as guava, pear, banana, , strawberry, kiwi, strawberry,.


is recommended to eat 8 ounces of fish or seafood every week, dinner time may be the time to do so. Most fish are healthy sources of vitamin B 6, and more of what your body needs to produce melanin, You can eat tow to three piece of fish for dinner with cup of green salad. Better before 8:00 PM.

5.yogurt sup salad with mint: cup of fresh mint half cup of green coriander, garlic clove, one teaspoon lemon juice , tow cup yogurt, salt. mix all the ingredients together to get a delicious yogurt sub.

You can also mix all the ingredients, in an electric mixture to get nice yogurt sup.

Mommy's Tale
             By Afraa Fartak