Ten herbe drinks that helps in fat burning:

Updated: Feb 28

Fat burning and slimming Fat is defined as chemical compounds that can not be absorbed by the body, and thus turn into fatty compounds and accumulate in the body, and fat accumulation is one of the most troubles that bothers males and females alike, and begins the process of eliminating these fats by changing diet, or exercise, and drinks that help burn fat and slimming without any side effects or problems in the below line's list of drinks that help burn fat and weight lose.


Water is one of the best drinks for weight loss, where doctors recommend drinking the equivalent of two liters of water a day, and much research has indicated that drinking water before meals helps to short period of weight loss.


fat-free milk and fat-free beverage, but its nutritional value is very high, losing weight and strengthening bones.

Chamomile and cinnamon Drink: A mixture of one teaspoon of chamomile, cinnamon powder and a glass of warm water twice daily burns belly fat and its one of the most effective and quick drinks in slimming. Fennel seeds drink: Fennel seeds boil in water, then drain the water and drink twice a day, where the fennel seeds get rid of excess weight and burn fat, especially in the abdomen.

Green tea drink:

Green tea drink is included in many healthy weight loss systems; for its effectiveness in the elimination of fat, especially accumulated in the abdomen and buttocks, in addition to rich in antioxidants, it is composed of natural ingredients that absorb and burn fat, and for the best results prefer to drink twice in a day once in the morning on an empty stomach and once before bed.

Cumin and Chamomile Drink:

Chamomile and cumin mixture is made from mixing a teaspoon of chamomile powder and a teaspoon of cumin in a cup of warm water to burn fat, especially if drank twice a day, in addition to weight loss has a lot of health benefits for the body.

Ginger drink: is one of the most fat burning elements, especially if taken after meals immediately daily. Lemon juice drink: Drinking lemon juice daily and constantly lose weight gradually

Green tea and sagebrush Drinking:

green tea with a blend of herbs such as sagebrush helps to get a tight belly without accumulating fat, and it is recommended to drink it twice a day.

Hot lemon and cumin drink:

Hot lemon and cumin drink helps to burn fat, soak a lemon cut in the form of rings with a little cumin throughout the night, then drink it in the morning on a daily basis.

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