Ten Tips To Reduce Pregnancy Back pain:

Updated: Feb 16

I have learned during my two pregnancy from my friends, sis and myself that Pregnancy symptom is different from Women to another but the back pain is the one common thing between them, the reasons of the back pain during pregnancy is because of the increase in the fetus size in the last stages of pregnancy so I decided to share below sam of the tips that me, my sisters and friends used it to reduce and get rid of the pregnancy back pain.

The Tips:

Back massage:

It's good for pregnant women to have a back massage from time to time, it helps to reduce the back pain and relaxation, you can simply do it at home by asking your husband to massage your back.

Home Physical activity:

All that you need to do is tighten the lower back by placing hands on the knees, sitting upright so that the head is in line with the back. After that, you should enter the abdomen and bend the back for a few seconds and then release it.

This process must be repeated ten times.

Sitting exercise:

Sit in a relaxing chair and settle a small pillow behind the lower back,

Sleep on the side:

You should sleep only on your side, with one or both knees bent. a small especial pillow for pregnancy should also be placed between the knees, under the abdomen and lower back.

Wear comfortable shoes:

It is known that high heel shoes directly affect the back muscles to cause pain. during pregnancy, avoid wearing high-heel shoes Instead select the shoes that feel comfortable and allow your feet to breathe to avoid water retention while supporting your back muscles.

lifting light weights:

Lifting some weights during pregnancy helps strengthen your back muscles. You can also do some light exercise with the right weights. But make sure to exercise the entire body with no focus on a particular area, especially the abdomen or lower body.

Kneeling exercise:

is an ideal way to strengthen your abdominal muscles and therefore less pain in your back muscles.


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