Three Natural juices to boost your immune system :

During this period of time, there's no doubt that we're all scared and shocked about how we can increase our immune system and take care of our self and our family, and one of the best way to increase your immune system is to include food and fruit that contain vitamins to your daily diet and highly recommended vitamins C, The immune system is considered the first defender of the body against many pathogenic bacteria, viruses and germs. Beyond traditional medicines and juices, natural juices contain many vitamins that help the body fight disease, and also give it the energy needed to maintain health. so I'm shearing with you the best juices to boost your immune system during this covid19 corona virus pandemic period.

Orange and Ginger :

Both Orange and Ginger are rich of vitamin C, which combats cold and flu, and is considered one of the most important antioxidants that protect the body from diseases. Vitamin C deficiency can lead to delayed wound healing and an inability to fight infections effectively If you have a sore throat, ginger should warm it, as it fights bacteria and viruses, promotes blood circulation, relieves headaches, and pear juice can be added to stimulate the body to detoxify.


To surf one person:

1.1peace of orang

2.1 peace of Ginger

3. Cup of water

4.2 big spoons of huny

How to prepare:

Clean the orange and ginger, in Juice mixers add orange, ginger, cup of water and the huny and mix until it smooth, then Serve it.

Lemon and Ginger:

To treat colds, we need to drink lemons as a juice or warm after boiling it with fresh ginger slices. But today we can use the lemon and ginger to increase our immune system that's because Ginger has the ability to kill microbes, increase blood flow to cells and extremities, and lemon is rich of vitamin C wish help to strengthen the immune system.

Ingredients: pice of lemon

2. One piece of ginger

3. 4 spoon of huny

How to prepare:

Clean the lemon and the ginger add both ingredients and huny then add the cup of water and mix it all together then serve it.

Kiwi and ginger:

Kiwi is packed with many essential nutrients, including folate, potassium, vitamin K, and vitamin C. Vitamin C promotes and strengthens white blood cells, which are antihistamines that work to fight infection and harmful diseases that affect the human body, while vitamins and other nutrients for kiwis strengthen the body to work more efficiently.


1. One piece of kiwi piece of ginger

3. 2 spoon of huny cup of water

How to prepare:

Clean the kiwi and the ginger add both ingredients to the juice mixture then add the huny and water then serve it.


During this period of time we all need to take serious care of our health so here is more ingredients to add to your daily diet ingredients, thee also help you to boost your immune system:

1- Garlic is known for its ability to fight infections, fight viruses, and bacteria. 2- Citrus 3- Broccoli and spinach ... 4- Red pepper 5- Ginger 6- Almonds 7- Turmeric 8- Poultry

9.Red meat


11 oatmeal

also doing exercise every day boosts the immune system and helps it fight infection, according to the world Health organisation.

Mommy's Tale
             By Afraa Fartak