Tips and Advices to keep your hair healthy after childbirth:

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

How to grow your hair back after childbirth?: Hair loss after childbirth is a temporary iss. Taking care of the hair well help get your healthy hair back in a short period. However, it is good to know first the causes of hair loss after birth. to treat it the right way:

Reason of hair loss after childbirth:

The level of estrogen increases during pregnancy, lead to a decrease in the rate of the hair.The main reason for the increased of hair loss after childbirth is the low level of estrogen and return to normal level after the end of pregnancy. Falling thick hair that did not fall during pregnancy, which makes you feel that your hair falls heavily after birth but in fact returns to normal as it is the beginning for the growth of hair again.

When does the hair loss stop?

Hair loss usually starts three months after childbirth and then returns to normal after sixth months.

How to grow hair healthy and naturally?

1-Avoid the use of hair dryers, especially at high temperatures, which result in the breakage of hair and increase its loss.

2-Maintain a daily scalp massage, either individually or using an oil or lotion that helps stimulate hair growth, stimulating blood in the scalp and thus healthy hair growth.

3-Make sure you have enough time between each and every birth to give your body and hair a chance to recover and return to normal.

4-Avoid nervous tension, and don't worry about your hair completely.

5-Try to get a new haircut, shorten your hair to improve nutrition.

6-Watch your food and make sure you have a balanced diet, as the hair is basically protein, so you better eat a rich diet of protein available in meat, chicken and fish.

7-Iron is also available in spinach and meat, especially liver,

8-vitamins and supplements, such as vitamins B, C, E and zinc.

9-Use topical creams and appropriate natural oils that nourish and increase the growth of hair, such as thyme, rosemary, coconut and almond oils, and egg whites blended with olive oil.

10-Avoid the use of dyes and individual hair products during this period.

11-Wash your hair with the right shampoo

12-Protect your hair with potential hair styles.

13-Respect the nature of hair.

14-Change the head band

•Consult your doctor if your hair continues to fall longer, there may be another treatable cause.

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