To do list before planning for pregnancy :

Updated: Feb 16

Having babies is one of the amazing bless in life that every women wish for, but when planning for pregnancy there is step to follow and those are the steps I followed during my tow time pregnancy, to increase your baby and your health safety, before, during and after pregnancy that's why I thought it well be great to shear with you the words of my doctor and the what to do list before deciding to have a baby. 2.

1. General medical check-up:

When you decide to get pregnant, make sure to go for a general medical check up, it's important for you and your coming baby health, try to get information about your condition for the necessary tests and vaccinations, and also to be informed about the medications that you can't use during pregnancy.

2.Folic acid supplements:

we all know folic acids as the vitamins that a woman should start taking before and during pregnancy, but doctors said that its also important to teak it during breastfeeding.

3.Visiting a Dentist:

It is important to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy before getting pregnant, because pregnancy puts you at greater risk of periodontal disease, which may lead you to early birth problems, so keep your teeth clean and use medical threads on a continuous basis

4.Maintain your weight:

Its important to be and healthy weigth during pregnancy,because If you are overweight, it makes your pregnancy more difficult. When you get heavier at the last month's of your pregnancy, it may also expose you to diabetes, high blood pressure and birth difficulties.

5.Healthy eating habits:

Its better to adopt a healthy eating habits before you plan for pregnancy, you can make it a lifestyle or at you can follow it during pregnancy and breastfeeding, it's important to adjust your diet and share it with your husband as well, get more protein, calcium and iron. Many fruits, vegetables and whole grains In general and adopted sport.

6. Avoid the below:

1. Avoid alcohol.

2. Quit smoking.

3. Reduce Caffeine.

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